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AirBNB Management

Tailwind Productions can provide guidance on the quest for that perfect property prior to purchase, insight into the real world experience of managing a STR property in the Smoky Mountains, and for owners of Short Term Rental properties - insight into ways of optimizing your operations.

Local Investor Oversight

Real estate investors know that 'boots on the ground' in the target market is essential for getting a realistic and unbiased view of the feasibility of a property investment. We can be your boots on the ground, with 30+ years of local experience, living only an hour away from the Park, owning and managing our own STR cabin property as AirBNB Super Hosts with 80-90% occupancy, and providing marketing assets for multiple satisfied new STR owners.


About Richard Lee
Richard was trained in illustration and advertising design in the 1990's, grew up right alongside the web, and has been a lifelong creator of beautiful images, elegant designs and efficient systems.

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