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Request Your Fall Foliage Refresh - 2019

If you would like to schedule photography for your short term rental listing, please fill out the form below and give us as much detail as you can about what kind of photos you have in mind - angles, features to include or avoid, and the like.

The package* (starting at $129.00) includes 10 photographs that feature your property's gorgeous fall visage, from the air and from the ground. Multiple properties can of course be accommodated. Please add additional addressses in your message should this be the case.


Photos will be taken from the air and ground at a distance from the property, so no access to the interior will be needed. If the property is occupied, we'll take care to shoot images to avoid as much indication of occupancy as possible, and if needed will blur out any identifiable aspects including faces, license plate numbers, bumper stickers etc.

*Just like all Tailwind Productions packages, the photos are yours to use as you wish to market your listing or sell your property. The only excluded use is sales of the images themselves for profit.

Success! Message received. We'll be in touch soon about the fall foliage photo shoot..

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